Custom Services

Professional email marketing services

Whether you need a little help getting started or just want to enhance your existing email campaigns, we want to help you make your email marketing great.

Quick start training

Our experts will help get your StreamSend email campaigns up and running fast. First, you’ll receive a personal assessment of your needs and campaigns, and then we’ll walk you through the major application features and functionality. Training also includes a review of the available reports, analytics integration and design techniques and general practices. $50 per session.
You can also participate in our free Getting Started webinar

Custom email template design

Your email should showcase your brand, company and messages. Our design team will work with you to create custom templates that make a lasting impression. Templates are developed for and tested within all major email clients. $70 per template. Sample Templates

Deliverability audits

The success for any email campaign starts with delivery of an email to the inbox. So, it’s crucial to monitor for potential deliverability issues or red flags before they become problems. If you don't have the time, we can perform regular audits for your email to identify and assist with any existing or potential deliverability trouble spots. Deliverability audits can be performed monthly or quarterly for $150 per audit.

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